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The dream behind the story…
A few years ago, Mitch Matthews (co-creator of Q) got hit with what he describes as a ‘divinely-inspired dream.’

He explains, "I felt like I was supposed to play a part in connecting a million people in a deeper way." 

Mitch continued, "Who doesn’t want to be more connected with the important people in our lives?  And it seems like this gets more and more important as the pace of life seems to be getting faster and faster.  Right?"


So…  Mitch and his wife Melissa co-created Q… a question-based game series that helps people to connect in fun and authentic ways!
They wanted Q to help people to slow down… relax… laugh… and connect. 
And based on the stories, e-mails, and pictures they have received… it’s working! 

Here’s some of our favorite pictures from around the world…

Will you join in this mission to connect a million people in a deeper (more fun) way…
Who’s someone (or group of important someones) that you want to connect with? 
Why not grab a copy of Q and connect with them?  You can even grab a FREE version of Q by clicking here.
Then, let us know how it goes!  
You can even shoot us a picture of you and your friends playing Q!  We’d love to feature you on the site too! 
Just connect with us at contactus@doyouQ.com!  
If you’d like to know more the of the Q story… here’s the longer version…
Mitch initally got the idea for Q while on a flight from Chicago to Newark, NJ.  When he got home, he and Melissa put a rough version together to try with some friends, and their friends loved it.  So they improved the design and put a few more copies together.  Those were quickly scooped up by other friends and family members.


So, Melissa (an artist) improved the design and Mitch improved some of the questions… and they officially launched their first title: "Q friends" in 2007.  The game produced a lot of laughs… but it also sparked some incredible stories and conversations.
They kept hearing back about Q. People were using it at parties… on planes… in cars… and even on dates.


More importantly, Mitch and Melissa were hearing stories of friends really connecting… families talking… and couples finding things out about each other that they had never known.


In 2007, Mitch and Melissa also started another endeavor to help connect people.  It was a free event called the BIG dream gathering.  It was a fun… free event that enabled people to connect around their BIG dreams.  Since then, these events have continued and have connected thousands of dreamers and launched countless dreams.  You can find out more at www.BIGdreamgathering.com.


In 2008, they launched a second… more romantic version of Q… called ‘Q dates.’   Again… they kept hearing back from people around the world that were having fun connecting and getting to know each other better.
In 2009, Mitch and Melissa (along with a team of amazing people) have continued to develop new Q titles.   Plus, they’ve been working with the awesome people at Jelly Pants games to bring Q to the iphone and the ipod touch!


So…. please… keep checking back… and keep connecting!
Oh… and lastly… please help to spread the word about Q! 
In this fast-paced world… it’s never been more important to relax, laugh and really connect with the important people in our lives! 
Why not try the game with some friends or at your next family reunion? 
Or… why not grab a copy and plan a party around connecting with the important people in your life? 
Hey… it’s even fun one on one over a quite cup of coffee!

Okay… that’s it for now… thanks so much for being a part of the Q community and thanks for listening to our Q story!


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