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Below you will find questions and answers about our products. If your question isn’t listed, feel free to contact our support staff with your question. Once answered, your question may appear in the list below.

Will I receive fee upgrades to Q games purchased from AppStore?

Yes, if you have purchased a Q game for your iPhone or iPod Touch from AppStore you will receive free updates for the life of that game.


How do I report grammatical errors?

Send an email to support@doyouq.com and let us know about the error. If the error is confirmed we will include a fix in the next release of the app. Be sure to let us know the name and version of the Q game in which you found the error.


Do Q games work on the original iPhone?

Yes, currently all Q games work on all versions of the iPhone including the original, 3G, and 3Gs. Currently all Q games also work on the iPod Touch.


Can I modify the questions in a Q game?

There is not currently a way to modify the questions within any of our iPhone or iPod Touch Q games. However, if you have an idea for a question that you would like to see included in future releases, please see the question below for more information.


Can I submit an idea for a new question?

Each question is thoughtfully crafted in such a way as to allow the maximum number of players to “enter in” to the question answering experience. We certainly enjoy hearing ideas for other questions, however, we reserve the right to use, not use, or modify any question ideas we receive. Furthermore, be advised that any ideas for questions become our legal property. To submit an idea for a question, send an email to contactus@doyouq.com.


Can I modify the order that questions are displayed in a Q game?

Modifying the order that questions are displayed is purposefully not allowed at this time. Our reasoning for preventing modification to the order of questions is to provide deterministic game-play and to enable easy continuation of a partially completed game. By being deterministic two players can play the game twice, alternating who starts, and receive an entirely unique experience. Also, should a team of players not finish a game they can easily continue at a later time by simply flipping through the cards in order until they reach an unplayed card.


Will you release Q games to work with other mobile devices?

While we do not currently have plans to support any mobile devices other than the iPhone and iPod Touch, we may do so if there is a strong demand for other platforms. To make a request for another platform send an email request to support@doyouq.com. Be sure to include the name of the mobile device you would like Q games to work with.

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